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The Ancient Tea-Horse Road is a passage formed by tea-horse trading in ancient China between agriculture area of the inner land and remote nomadic areas. Tea-horse trading is an activity carried out based on "tea" from central area and "horses" from remote minority area. As an important means for economic exchange between Han regions and minorities regions, it played a crucial role in communicating among different ethnic groups both economically and culturally. "The Ancient Tea-Horse Road" is a post road formed by trading of tea and horses in the past between northwest Yunnan and southeast Tibet. Along this ancient road, there are the best natural scenery and cultural sites of China. Proper development will make the road one of the world's best areas for traveling. The tourist development of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road has been included in China's "10th five-year-plan for tourism" as part of the associated regional strategies.

17 days Faraway Mountains & People

17 days Faraway Mountains & PeopleThis trip takes you to northwest of Yunnan to visit these little known mountains and people live there such as Bai, Yi, Hui, Lisu and Naxi. Sights to see: Kunming Stone Forest, Dali and & her vicinities. How attractive it is.

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17 days tour cross the Eastern Tibet-Tours of Kham

17 days tour cross the Eastern Tibet-Tours of KhamThis tour takes you to the Eastern Tibet, or otherwise known as Kham, to feel the nomadic life of Tibetans, enjoy the beautiful landscape of snow mountains and grasslands, and discover the Tibetan monasteries.

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14 days Lijiang-Lhasa-Ancient Tea Horse road

14 days Lijiang-Lhasa-Ancient Tea Horse roadFly to Chengdu, enjoy the close visit to cute Panda, flying to Lijiang, taking the overland adventure via Ancient Tea Horse Road, only in 2 weeks time, you get the most and not much touristy!

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