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Apply Tibet Travel Permits via local Agency is easy!

As a local travel agency and tour operator, we can apply your Tibet entry permits!

Tibet Travel documents categories

A)  Passport
B) China visa or Tibet Group visa
C) Tibet Travel Permit (TTB)-without which you cannot fly or take train to Tibet
D) Alien's Travel Permit (ATP/also called PSB permit), without which you can not travel to those not-full open area

More details about Tibet travel documents

Welcome to have more details and take a quick look at the Tibet Travel Permits on our site!

A   Passport 

All individuals entering Tibet must hold a passport valid for at least six months.

B   China Visa or Tibet Group Visa

1. Entering Tibet via Mainland China, firstly you need to apply China visa for entry to China
Tibet is part of China, under the Chinese Central Government's Sovereignty. Thus to travel from China to Tibet, you have to obtain a China Visa at first stage before all are followed up. Visas for individual travel in China are very easy to get from most Chinese embassies. Most Chinese embassies and consulates will issue a standard 30-day, single entry tourist visa in three to five working days (an 'L' Visa means travel). If you are lucky, some embassies abroad may give you a 60 or even 90days. But in Hong Kong it is very easy to get a 90 day visa; most agencies can arrange it in one day. If you want more flexibility to enter and leave China several times, most Chinese embassies will issue a double-entry visa.Well, for those who are to work,study or live temporarily in China, you may need the other related China Visa such as "F" Visa,"X" Visa or "Z" Visa, etc. All these kind of visa holders can travel in Tibet with the Tibet entry permits and other travel permits which can be obtained by local travel agency in Tibet with strict and serious procedure. More info about China Visa, pls click this link:China visa


2. Entering Tibet via Nepal by land or air, If you want to enter Tibet from Nepal, you have to get your TIBET GROUP VISA in the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, no matter whether you have already Chinese visa or not. Tibet Group Visa is a A4 size sheet of paper, with all members of the tour and their passport numbers, date of birth and occupations listed. The dates of entry and exit are precisely mentioned. Usually, the visa is valid for the length of the trip you have booked but it's possible to get visa for few additional days, for stay in Lhasa only. There will be two original copies of Group Visa, one for immigration at the entry and one for exit. We can easily help you with the Tibet Group visa application.

C  Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permits

Tibet entry permit first page and second page covering your travel info and names,etc

Tibet Entry Permit first pageTibet entry permits second page
Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permits are necessary for entry to Lhasa or any other part of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, and are obtained through tour operators as part of arrangements for travel; A T.T.B. permit does not obviate the need for an Aliens' Travel Permit for any closed areas that may be visited. But you can get them easily from Tibet Ctrip Travel Service.


How to get the travel permits?

After you decide to travel with us, we will help you to obtain your Tibet Travel Permits. It will be quite simple for you, just need to send us:
Full name | Gender | Date of birth | Passport number | Nationality | Occupation 
Also, we need the photos copies of passport and Chinese visa by email attachment or fax. 
Keep in mind:
1) All exactly the same as on your passport. And you need to tell us your occupation because journalists and people that could be involved in political matters could be revoked (they need more complicated procedure to get a permit).
2) Please note that if you do not book any tour from us, we can not help you get the permits. No travel agency can provide "permit-only" service. A must service includes land cruiser and guide. 

D   Aliens' Travel Permits (PSB's)

These are required to visit closed areas - much of the Tibetan Autonomous Region outside the Lhasa prefecture-level district, and scattered counties elsewhere. They are usually only obtainable through tour operators, for tours by four-wheel-drive car.
Permits to visit places that are not declared open are known as Aliens' Travel Permits, or PSB's. They are issued by the police (Public Security Bureau, "PSB"). A single permit is normally issued to all the people who are traveling together, the permit naming just one of them and stating how many others are accompanying him; the passports, or at least photocopies of passports and visas, of all persons traveling must be presented in order to obtain a permit.
ATP permit overview as below


How to get the PSB

The biggest difference for applying a PSB with a TTB is that we can help you to apply a TTB without your passport, just a copy one is okay. But for obtaining the PSB, your original passport is a must! Please check below to see what is the common procedure to get a PSB:
Usually, upon your arrival in Lhasa and check in the hotel on the first day, our tour guide will ask for your original passports and Tibet Permits, and go to the Public Security Bureau to apply on the second day, you can get the PSB at the same day. You don't have to come in person. 
1. If you only travel to Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, there is no need to apply PSB.
2. If you want to do an overland tour from Yunnan, Sichuan, Qinghai or Xinjiang province to Tibet, we need your Entry Stamp to China to apply the PSB before your tour starts.