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Famous Tibet Travel Attractions included!

Main reasons for people to visit Tibet
1) Pilgrimage and root visit
2) Unique Tibetan culture
3) Experience hard life & learn to cherish what you have
4) Unique architecture of Tibetan buildings
5) Beautiful Mountains, Rivers, Unique weather, etc
Natural Beauty Resouces
Mt Everest  Quite literally the high point of Tibet. The views of the mountain from Rongphu Monastery are unsurpassed.

Mountain Shogula This mountain stand on the northern route from Lhasa to Shigatse via Yangpachen Geothermal, it is great place where to shoot pictures of Tibet landscapes.

Lake Nam-tso A stunning turquoise lake set below a range of 7000m peaks, Nam-tso is a great place to glimpse nomadic life and experience Tibet’s awesome sense of space.

Lake Yamdrok-Tso  This holy lake in the Tsang is shaped like a scorpion. The best views of the coiling body of water come from the high pass or Kampa-la.

Lake Manasarovar & Mt Kailash  It’s a rugged two-week trip to get to Tibet’s holiest and most compelling mountain and its most venerated lake, but the high-altitude scenery along the way is stunning. more info about Kailash and Manasarovar, please click here.

Lake Rawok-Tso Beyond the sandy beaches and the turquoise waters of Rawok-tso lie snowcapped peaks, the views in the area are magical.

Lake Draksum-tso This alpine lake in eastern Tibet features a lovely monastery sited on a very photogenic island.
Pilgrim Circuits

Barkhor Lhasa‘s pilgrim circuit around the Jokhang is infinitely interesting. This is one place worthy coming back to again and again.

Ganden Monastery The main seat of Gelugpa order features both a high and a low kora circuit, and attracts bands of pilgrims.
Lingkhor Lhasa's 8 km pilgrim path has some fascinating spots to see en route and is a good way to see the city‘s hidden sights.
Monasteries and Temples

Drepung & Sera Once the largest and second-largest monasteries, respectively, in the world, Drepung and Sera are still recovering from the Chinese onslaught, but both are highlights of a trip to Lhasa.

Ganden This monastery, in a stunning location 40km east of Lhasa, is the scene of frantic rebuilding. One day great trip near Lhasa, on the way you will see the real countryside of Tibet.

Jokhang A hushed silence pervades Lhasa’s holiest collection of shrines. The Jokhang is the spiritual heart of Tibet and is always full of a murmuring, shuffling crowd of pilgrims.

Riwoche This dramatic, towering and remote temple in eastern Tibet, founded in 1276, dwarfs those who make pilgrimages to it.

Sakya This eerie, fortress-like monastery with the most spectacular assembly hall in Tibet is an easy 25km detour off the Friendship Hwy and worth an overnight stop.

Samye Tibet’s first monastery has a relaxing location beside the Yarlung Tsangpo. There’s good accommodation, and the monastery can be used as a base for walks to meditation retreats in surroundings part of U.

Tashilhunpo The traditional seat of the Panchen Lama, Tashilhunpo Monastery in Tsang is possibly Tibet‘s best-preserved and most spectacularly monastery.

Other buildings
Gyantse Kumbum The pinnacle of Tibetan architecture, this multifaceted stupa is the well worth visiting en route from Lhasa to Shigatse.

Potala Palace The focus of travelers for centuries, the impressive palace of the Dalai Lama remains eerily empty. more info, please click here.

Yumbulagang Palace reputed to be the first building in Tibet, this structure is stunningly located in the birthplace of the Tibetan nation.
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